Success Academy Improves Academics

Success Academy is proving that students have the ability to learn and improve on their grades regardless of where they call home. It is all about the school environment that they are put into. When they are in a school environment where there is room to gain knowledge and get exposed to different concepts they have an opportunity to drive.

Eva has proven this with Success Academy, and it appears that more people are interested in what this school system is doing for the public. It is no surprise that the education system in America is broken.

It has been in need of reform long before Betsy DeVos took the stage as Secretary of Education. She has been rallying for the reform of Education systems and voicing her opinions about how well charter schools have done. Success Academy is one of those schools that gets the accolades that are allowing this charter environment to get attention.

In New York there are more than 40 of these schools, and it appears that more may be on the way. That is a new wave of learning that is much different from the public school system. That may be the reason that children are interested in getting into the school. They know that the environment is different, and they are aware of the passion of the Success Academy teachers.

Success Academy has become a major Force in New York City School systems. All the parents that have a chance to get their children in this system are definitely going to try. It is a random selection process, but many parents will try for years until they finally get their children into the system. They realize that this is the best advantage that their children can have if they don’t live in prestigious neighborhoods.

Success Academy is truly amazing, so they make every effort to make sure that their children have more access to better education through a school system such as this. This improved model for better education by Eva Moskowitz has made Success Academy very valuable.

JustFab Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg Past and Future

JustFab Inc. renamed itself TechStyle Fashion Group in an effort to emphasize the company’s technology portfolio. The company founded in 2006 changed their name to TechStyle in 2016. The company’s brands include Fabkids, Fabletics, FL2, and ShoeDazzle. Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg said he and Don Ressler wanted to change the way people shop giving them trendy fashion at a good value. The company has kept the original values, but transformed into a brand building platform driven by data personalization. Mr. Goldenberg said the new identity projects this image with “Fashion Avenue meets Silicon Valley.”

Mr. Adam Goldenberg said they have been building a business. This shows the JustFab and now TechSytle revenue that was expected to reach $650 million.

In an interview, Mr. Goldenberg was questioned about being in a special club after the company made their first $1 billion. His answer was they “never think of ourselves as a unicorn” he went on to say they do not sit in the office saying it’s “great to be a unicorn.” The company was one of only 14 in 2014 to reach $1 billion in revenues. He said some unicorns may be overvalued, while big ones are dinosaurs will die. Mr. Goldenberg said he would bet on the unicorn every time.

Read more: TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Talking Name Change on CNBC

The internet El Segundo, California based retailer has brands like Kate Hudson’s athleasure line. The actress and her brother Oliver are backers, with Hudson’s yoga Fabletics. The company has ShoeDazzle brand that Kim Kardashian co-founded. Along with Kimora Lee Simmons who served as creative director.

The company believes have surpassed the usual e-commerce sites. They are bringing affordable fashion to millions of VIP members in ten countries. The company has made it possible for the average call to be answered within seconds and they have software to manage records that provide them with customer insights and they have built their membership structure to fit this model on This gives them the insight to predict purchasing with a 95 percent accuracy level.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg the co-founder of Just Fabulous, Inc. serves also as the co-Chief Executive Officer. Adam Goldenberg is not new to founding companies, with one company he founded. In 1997, Gamers’ Alliance Inc. and served as President till it was acquired by Intermix Media Inc.

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A Look at Human Rights Organizations and the Lacey and Larkin Fund

Human rights have always been a subject of importance since the inception of civilization. We need to treat each other as we’d want to be treated. Constitutions of different states and nations have different laws that cover human rights. However, not every individual or group applies the best practices in human rights.

Some parties oppress others. For instance, some governments oppress women, children, and immigrants. It’s important to have someone or an organization that can stand up for victims of human rights violations. That’s why there are various groups worldwide that advocate for human, civil and migrant rights. One such organization is the Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Human Rights Watch was founded in America close to 4 decades ago. The NGO advocates for human rights like freedom of press and freedom of religion. It also conducts research on human right violations such as gender discrimination and capital punishment.

The organization has its head offices in New York City. It also has offices in Zurich, Toronto, Sydney, Paris, Nairobi, Los Angeles, London, Beirut, Moscow and other cities in various countries. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter

In the past, HRW has documented about abuse in the criminal justice system, military use of children, corruption torture and violation of international humanitarian laws. They also support writers who face persecution for their work. The organization also offers financial assistance to organizations that advocate for human rights.

Over the years, Human Rights Watch has been involved in the formation of different groups. Some of the organizations founded by HRW include Cluster Munition Coalition and the International Freedom of Expression Exchange. The NGO co-chairs various civil societies such as the Campaign to Ban Landmines. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Human Right Watch presents an award to activists worldwide. The Human Rights Defenders Award is meant to honor the leadership and courage of those fighting for human rights. HRW works with the award recipients to expose cases of human rights abuse.

The organization has over 275 staff members who help advocate for human rights. HRW comprises of academics, country experts, journalists, and lawyers. They operate in more than 90 countries across the globe.

Migrant rights are as important as any other rights provided in the constitution. Multiple organizations advocate for the rights of immigrants. Additionally, some foundations fund migrant rights. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is a good example of donations dedicated to supporting groups that advocate for migrant and human rights.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the collaboration founders of Village Voice Media, were arrested by county sheriff Joe Arpaio in 2007. The two journalists received a settlement that amounted to $3.75 million because their detention was unlawful.

They decided to use the settlement money to fund different migrant rights organizations in Arizona. That’s how they came up with the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer – Brazil’s Successful Entrepreneur

One of Brazil’s most successful entrepreneurs is topping the charts with success. His name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda Melzer, is a third generation family member of a long line of successful entrepreneurs. His grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, was the original founder of the RBS Group. Duda Melzer has become an important expert in the business world. He is currently the president and chairman of RBS Group. He handles all aspects of the operation and oversees the functions of the business. RBS Group is a Brazilian media company that specializes in entertainment and journalism services transpired through radio, television, newspapers and the internet. The company was originally founded on August 31st, 1957, and has been prospering ever since. According to Dino, RBS Group covers the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, but also do business with developments within the United States. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is also the founder and president of a company called e.Bricks Digital. It’s associated with an RBS Company, and is known for investments and business developments in Brazil and the United States.

Duda Melzer has been a successful entrepreneur for many years. At the young age of 26, he graduated from college, and set out to start his career. He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He went on to get his Master’s degree in Business Administration and attended graduate school at Harvard. His years of experience are influenced by his family, John Davis, Jim Collins and Ram Charan. Prior to working for RBS Group, he was the Senior Financial Analyst at Delphi Corporation in 2002. He was proud to become the president of RBS Group in 2012. He was also recognized by the leaders of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise as one of the leading business men in society.

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What Everyone Must Know About Kevin Seawright

The success in the field of administration and finance get based on a dedicated person who is willing to lead others. Kevin Seawright serves as the best example. He is an administration and financial expert and currently the Vice President at The Newark Economic Development Corporation.


On May 19th, 2015, he joined Newark Economic Development Corporation as the newest member. He holds the position of Vice President and also serves as the Financial Officer. Back in East Coast, he acted as the Finance Manager for the Government Agencies. He pioneered the accounting system in Baltimore helping the Aging Commission to save a vast fortune for retirement.

He also held the position of a Payroll Director in the Housing Authority, Baltimore, and later moved to the Department of Recreation and Park and got appointed as the Chief Financial Officer. With 13 years of experience, Kevin has thrived through hard work and passion for his job. He holds a Master in Accounting from the University of Almeda.

Business Model and Role in the Community

Working at The Newark Economic Development Corporation has enabled him to showcase his financial and economic expertise to uplift the communities in the East Coast. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He has developed an impressive business model inclusive of Government operations, business acumen and Private Financial sector. He has fostered economic growth and has substantially supported the efforts of enterprises owned by the communities.


He is the Pioneer of RPS Solutions LLC, a Real Estate Company, where he also serves as the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer. The firm was founded in 2015. It deals with government contracts, assets management, as well as the acquisition and sale of properties.

The company got founded on the ground of making houses affordable for the Baltimore residents. Through his vast experience, Kevin has used his knowledge to better the lives of people, and he believes that owning a home serves as the greatest aspect in wealth maximization.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is an example of a hard-working person who believes in uplifting the communities through his expertise. Rising through his career is based on sheer hard work and passion for his Job. Brings In Healthcare Veteran Lindsay Burton a company that helps other companies with their reputation management has recently hired Lindsay Neese Burton to be their new Healthcare Marketing Director. Lindsay is a marketing healthcare veteran with over 10 years of experience. Her impressive resume includes titles such as:

– Senior Director of Consumer Marketing at Duke Health

– Marketing Manager at Wake Forest Baptist Health

– Manager of Market and Public Relations at the University of Virginia Health System

Because reputations can make or break a business having it professionally managed makes sense. A large number of customers make their primary healthcare provider decision based on customer reviews from many online sources. These include Yelp, Facebook, and Google search results from the various online healthcare review sites. With all these sources of information Reputation Defender Reviews’ services are invaluable to its customers. These include:

– Monitoring and even responding to patient feedback on many of the healthcare review sites

– Giving patients surveys they can fill out on the convenience of their own computer or tablet

– Providing idea to help improve the patient experience

Lindsay Burton’s new position will be a challenging one. Customer’s of any business come in several flavors. They can range from the very satisfied to the angry, hate-spewing, my-option-matters type. No matter the type she will be responsible for reporting all these kinds of reviews to the many healthcare provider that will depend on her skills and abilities. Her work will include noble acts like patching up relations with unsatisfied customers. Also figuring out why a customer is unsatisfied and what best to do about it. We all hope the advice Lindsay gives out to the industry helps improve things for everyone.

Amazon Helps Fabletics Do More

Since Fabletics first came on the market, they have been extremely successful. That is because their whole mission is to make sure that their customers have been taken care of. They provide high levels of great customer service and this gives them the chance to make sure that they are doing what they can to make things better. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way for themselves. When it comes to Fabletics, they are able to get the most out of the customers and the customers are able to get the most out of the company.


Amazon has also had a similar mission. They have been able to provide the best customer service in the world to all of their customers and they have constantly pushed to make that a reality. They have worked hard to get where they are at and that has led them to the opportunity of being able to help many more people with the options that they have. When it comes to the opportunities that Amazon has provided for their companies that they have partnered up with, they are able to help more customers than most people are even able to realize. It is something that has given them the chance to make sure that they are doing things the right way.


For Fabletics, the most logical step was to team up with Amazon. They wanted to offer a chance to show off their products on a platform aside from their own website and their first choice was to use Amazon. The idea that they can use Amazon has also allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing what they can and that they are providing people with all of the things that they can do. Amazon is going to allow Fabletics to offer their clothing more quickly to all of their customers.


Some people may think that now that they can get their clothes from Amazon and they don’t have to go to the Fabletics site that they don’t have to take the style quiz. This is not the case and is something that people will need to make sure that they are doing still. The style quiz will help them determine what clothes are going to work the best for them and for the personal style that they have.

Brian Torchin Leads Medical Staffing Industry With Quality Referrals

Brian Torchin has created Health Care Recruitment Councilors Staffing, a staffing agency that can match would-be employees with companies in the Health Care field quickly and efficiently.

His business model is simple: locate the candidate, such as a recent college graduate unsure where they should go in their chosen medical field, and then work with a network of health care firms to find the right fit for that candidate, or vice versa.

According to Behance, Brian Torchin has spent many years practicing chiropractic medicine, and staffing, managing and opening medical offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida. That experience gave him a firsthand view of how medical staffing worked and led him to open up HCRC Staffing, which is now a leading full-service staffing and consulting firm for the health care industry.

Brian spends the majority of his time now working with his clients to ensure that they receive the highest quality consultation and staffing services that they need.

Whether a medical company is looking to hire a new front desk receptionist and medical billings expert, or an RN, or one of many other full and part time positions, HCRC can provide many benefits to those companies that want to use its services. Every day that a company doesn’t have someone to fill a position is another day of money and time lost.

As a result, Brian Torchin and his company can have fresh referrals in the email inbox within 72 hours of requesting a new hire. Plus, they will handle phone interviews, and contract negotiations if the medical office chooses to move forward with the hire. As a contingent-based company, there is no charge if the medical firm doesn’t hire one of those referrals.

During his years running and managing medical offices he saw firsthand the difficulties that companies had in hiring the right fit for their job openings, and he was sympathetic to the needs of those looking for a job, but couldn’t find the right opening for them.

His business allows him to solve that problem on a daily basis, and to stay at the forefront of the medical staffing industry.

Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Copa Star Is One Of The Only Modernized Hospitals In Rio

After three years of construction, the Copa Star hospital is finally open in Rio de Janeiro. This luxury hospital is located in Copacabana in the bustling street of Figueiredo Magalhães. It is also conveniently within view of the world famous beach. In total, the structure was over 21,000 square meters of construction within 7 floors. If a random person on the street saw this hospital, they would probably think that it was a five star hotel. The entire hospital was designed for upper class Brazilians recover from their illnesses in peace and luxury.

One of the most unique things about this new hospital is that it is completely connected by an internal network. Doctors, nurses, patients and visitors my use their smartphones to connect to the central grid. Patients may use their smartphone to communicate with their doctors and nurses. There are also iPads provided to patients that do not have a device to use. They may also adjust the air conditioning, bed settings, television and more using the central control.

Prior to the construction of the hospital, patients would travel to Sao Paulo in order to received more modernized care. This was a massive project that required over 400 million Reales, which is around $128 million, was invested into the hospital. More Copa Star hospitals are in the works for other major cities in Brazil. Brasilia and Sao Paulo already have projects that have been started.

The interior of the hospital is decorated with high class modern art. 231 of the paintings withing the hospital are by the Japanese painter Yutaka. These oriental paintings are placed throughout all the corridors of Copa Star. The hospital is also painted using woody and citric tones, to give it a natural feel to it. The lighting is very limited so that it is not so straining like the harsh lighting of typical hospitals. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The accommodations of the hospital were designed to be just like five star hotels. The staff were also trained to act just as if they were servants in such a quality hotel. The patients will also be served world-class cuisine by the Swiss chef Steve Moreillon. The staff are made to be very understanding that complete comfort will aid the patient in their speedy recovery. There will be over 550 employees within the complex and this number includes the doctors.

The training of the support staff is very thorough and complex for a hospital. They ran two month intensive training boot camps to prepare the staff for emergencies. They had stretchers and dolls in order to act out many scenarios of emergency situations. They also are given strict guidelines on what types of clothes to wear, hairstyles to use and types of makeup that are permitted.

Learn more:,3c09d89c172826b658761e8e28dd45d69qhatcmk.html

Alexandre Gama: Creative Founder of Neogama

Alexandre Gama graduated from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in Advertising and Propaganda to start his career in writing in 1982. Gama became the most awarded writer in Brazil in the 1990’s. He was president of Young & Rubicam, but left to form his own company in 1999. Alexandre Gama’s company, Neogama, is one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil.

Neogama was the first advertising agency in Brazil to win a Lion and the Cannes Film Festival in the company’s first year. When Neogama joined the London branch of BBH in 2002, Neogama/BBH in the same year won the Cabore Prize and was the youngest company then, to win it. In 2016, Neogama went solo from BBH, and Gama’s focus was on the agency in Brazil. Since them, Neogama has continued to grow, becoming a powerhouse company.

Gama has won several awards throughout the years, the latest being in 2015 at Cannes. Alexandre Gama in 2006 became one of the 7 most important professionals in Brazilian advertising. In 2007, he was chosen as one of the three most notable advertisers in Brazil by importance among advertising professional peers. Gama is also the only Brazilian that was a part of the Global Creative Board, which is a group of six leaders from the Publicis Groupe Holding Company.