Kim Dao Takes Us to Myeongdong for Shopping

Kim Dao and Sunnydahye walked down street that looked like everyone was having a sidewalk sale. The outdoor shopping center had lingerie shops, cafes, restaurants, shoe stores, and more. Kim Dao had walked up some steps to enter one of restaurants that lets customers cook their own meal at the table. The tables had gas burners that a large round metal pan could fit on. People could cook soups and main dishes with chicken, fish, beef, and vegetables right at the table.Learn more :

After lunch, Kim Dao went shopping  again at the outdoor shopping center. Kim Dao bought some more Pokemon makeup. Kim Dao and Sunny went into an indoor mall and stopped off at Forever 21 shop for some clothes. Back on the street, Kim Dao and Sunny enjoyed the food smells coming from the street vendors.Learn more :


When Kim Dao got home, she took a nap because she was tired and admitted she went shopping when she was not feeling well. She blamed her sickness on the poor air in Korea and believed her going out might have made other people sick, too. Kim Dao said she had a stuffed up nose and a sore throat. The day before, Kim Dao went to the pharmacy to treat her cold. She was starting to fell better, but the medicine made her feel drowsy. The medication made it hard for Kim Dao to pay attention to her work. She was going to go out with Sunny and Grace but had to decline.



Kim Dao Talks About Japan’s Lucky Bags

In a YouTube video Kim Dao talks about lucky bags, which are available only around New Years. When you buy ones of these bags you don’t actually know what exactly is inside as it is supposed to be a surprise.

This year Kim Dao got two lucky bags in order to show us what will be inside them. She says that each bag is 10,800 yen or roughly $100 and contains about $300 worth of items. The first bag she opens, by Cecil Mcbee, does contain one item that Kim Dao picked out, which is a dark blue coat. The other clothing in this lucky bag is a white summer dress, that came with a necklace, a large gray sweater, and a trench coat. The bag also contained a black top, a matching top and shorts, and a white sweater.

The other lucky bag that Kim Dao opens is from Wego. She says that there are 18 items in this bag and she knows what 10 of them are. This bag contains a backpack, a hoodie, a bag, a lettermen’s jacket, a skirt, and a jumpsuit. Other items included in the lucky bag that Kim Dao shows us are items like a skirt, gloves, another sweater, a scarf, and a “New York College” t-shirt.

One thing that Kim Dao says about these bags is that everything comes in one size, so if something doesn’t fit you’ll need to give it away.

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