Roberto Santiago Contributing to Brazil’s Economy Through The Manaira Mall

When Roberto Santiago started working at Café Santa Rosa, no one would have thought that he would come to own some of the most successful businesses in Brazil. But, he always had a keen eye for business. Therefore, when he left this décor manufacturing company, he began his own cartonage company. His start was low. He would use cardboards and transform those into cartons. Then, he would sell the same to companies. He made some money and soon began investing in real estate.

Roberto Santiago started buying land and developing it and that is how the Manaira Shopping Mall came to be. He started building the Manaira mall in the year 1988. The mall was later launched in the year 1989. At the time, the mall was built on 12,000 square meter and had only 94 stores. But, with time, the mall started to expand. Read more articles on

In the year 1993, the first expansion of the company happened. This expansion was overseen by Maria and Carmen Raquel, who signed the architectural work. Three years later, there was a second expansion. This expansion saw the opening of two extension offices including Lojas Riachuelo and Lojas Maia.

With the 2002 expansion saw the extension of four more anchor stores and that did not stop there. In the year 2004, more floors were added to the garage building. The building that had only 4 floors, initially, was now a 6 floor building. The year 2005 was a big year for the mall. It saw the construction of more anchor stores. In addition, the more area was constructed, totaling to over 100,000 square meter constructed area. 2009 was also a great year as it marked the opening of Domus Hall. View more on Polemica Paraiba

The Domus Hall is the largest entertainment area in Joao Pessoa. When at full capacity, this hall can accommodate up to 14,000 people, that is, if 4,000 are seated and the rest standing. The Domus Hall is the epitome of entertainment for this mall. It is located on the rooftop of the building ad is mostly used to hold exhibitions, festivals, concerts and conferences.

The Gourmet was opened in the year 2014. This is where most people come to relax and have delicious cuisines. The Capital Steak House is located in this area. For those who enjoy their burgers and steak, you will without doubt love it at the Gourmet area. If not interested in steak, you can eat at Wayne’s.

Since the opening of the Manaira mall, Joao Pessoa has never been the same. The mall has created employment to hundreds of natives. Also, it has boosted the economy of the area by leading to an appraisal in the land surrounding it.

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