Freedom Checks…A Legitimate investment?

People like Matt Badiali sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to the investment opportunities that they tout. Unlike a modern spinster, Matt Badiali is a PhD. He’s had a respectable level of success within the fields of both geology and finance. One day he shared the word regarding freedom checks and many falsely labeled Matt along with charlatans and spinsters.

Freedom checks, under the right conditions, can have extremely incredible returns. Raw resources can have higher than normal returns in general. Matt Badiali one time earned 4,400% on a mine that he acquired. It was selling for pennies on the dollar before Matt acquired the entity and he had it trading for multiple dollars prior to selling at a gain. It’s important to note that most of the time within the arena of high returns, you are dealing with a snake oil peddler.

Most of the time the guy talking isn’t a Phd that’s earned a lot of capital gain returns through natural resource entities. This time the guy talking is qualified, and he’s discussing an actual investment opportunity. Matt also does what no charlatan does, he explains how freedom checks work.

Not only has Matt explained how these freedom checks work through his newsletter, but the nature in which they work prevents a scam from occurring! That’s right, you’ve read it correctly. Freedom checks are distributed by natural resource entities that get together and form what is called an MLP. MLP stands for Master Limited Partnership. It’s a legitimate form of business. Guess what else? To meet the requirements to form an MLP, an entity must distribute 90% of returns to its members!

It’s important to note that these payments do not count as dividends, the MLP can’t pay investors indefinitely. These payments count as a return of capital. After cashing in on from one MLP, an investor will have to become a member of a new one.

While not every investor will get a level of return that Matt Badiali does (Geology PhD and market expert) it’s still unfair to label MLP’s and freedom checks the same as one would label throw away “opportunities” such as MLM and timeshare rentals.

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