Economist Ted Bauman Shares Details Of His Career As An Executive, Consultant, And Writer

Ted Bauman is an economist who writes financial newsletters for Florida’s Banyan Hill Publishing. He is the editor of Plan B Club and The Bauman Letter, two publications he started in 2013. He grew up on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and moved to South Africa after graduating from high school. He attended the University of Cape Town, earning postgraduate degrees in both economics and history.

He spent the next 25 years in the not-for-profit industry. He held executive roles, usually at nonprofits that built low-income housing. In the 2000s he transitioned to being a consultant. He did research and wrote papers for a number of organizations such as the United Nations and grant-making agencies located in Europe. He wrote about finance, urban planning, and housing issues.

Ted Bauman returned to the United States in 2008. Along with his family, he moved to live in Atlanta, Georgia. He worked for Habitat for Humanity International as the director of their International Housing Programs. In this role, he traveled throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

His writing has appeared in many international journals. Ted Bauman wrote articles that appeared in Environment and Urbanization, Small Enterprise Development, and the Journal of Microfinance. The newspapers his writing has appeared in include Cape Argus, Guardian, Cape Times, Mail, and New Internationalist. He is also a published author as, along with his father, he wrote, “Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally)”.

Ted Bauman has over 100,000 subscribers of his newsletters. He shows his readers how to preserve and secure their wealth. He teaches legal, personal, and investment strategies to achieve financial independence. He also has an ETF-trading platform called Smart Money. Additionally, he offers a stock trading service named Alpha Stock Alert. He developed these services using Wall Street experts in order to develop an algorithmic trading system.

Unlike the other people that work for Banyan Hill Publishing, he has never worked in commercial finance. Ted Bauman says that he approaches his writing from the standpoint of an economist, taking a larger scale view of the topics he writes about. One of his big focuses is on using privacy strategies that keeps people’s information out of the hand’s of government and big business.

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