The Idea Behind Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble

From the early days of Bumble, founder Whitney Wolfe knew she wanted to create a culture that had a set of values. She knew since women would be taking the lead with Bumble, she wanted that same female driven leadership behind closed doors. The first three people this technology founder hired were of course women. They were young women. One of these ladies was still attending college when Bumble was first published in the App store. These women did not have much experience but the determination and will power to make sure Bumble flourished. With a small budget, these women were not focused on salaries but the cause behind the brand. With a little budget, also came creative ways for marketing. Whitney Wolfe had her dog wearing Bumble’s logo on its costume and college campus sidewalks became billboards for the company. Visit to know more about Whitney Wolfe.

In the matter of three years, Whitney Wolfe turned her baby business into a massive business doing hundred of millions of dollars annually. The four woman team that began the company in a parent’s home can now say they have disrupted an industry not designed for women leadership. Bumble is apart of the billion dollar dating app industry. The company has around eighty employees with some working out of the Austin, Texas headquarters. The others work from a total of five different countries. This number continues to only grow as more people become attached to Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe dealt with salary as her company began to grow. More skilled employees can on board. She wondered if she would pay them more of raise everyone’s salary including her first few employees and the new ones as well. One thing she began to notice quickly was that men never had an issue with speaking up about salary. She wanted women to fight equally hard for their pay as well. So, she decided to create a workforce at Bumble that encourages quarterly talks about career, development and salary. She wants all of her workers to know that she cares about their professional opinions because salary is important to her in a world where women are still unequally paid compared to men.



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