How Waiakea has Set Standards in the Mineral Water Market

Ryan Emmons is the founder and president of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water. He received a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from USC Marshall School of business, and this was a motivating element to start the company. The idea of the water company came to him after going on vacation with family to Hawaii where they had access to the most naturally healthy, pure and sustainable water source globally. Emmons decided to launch his company in 2012 with the aim of introducing a new kind of drinking water in the market. He understood from the word go that to have a competitive advantage over his competitors one must be unique regarding production process, marketing and branding of the product.

Waiakea, Hawaii volcanic water has a distinctive mineral composition and an alkaline ph. Potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium are some of the vital minerals it contains. Furthermore, it has almost optimum levels of silica which is responsible for the soft and silky taste of the water. Waiakea water ph ranges from 7.8 to 8.8, and this makes it naturally alkaline, this is as a result of the water undergoing filtration process through thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa volcano.

Waiakea uses different marketing strategies that have worked in their favor. The name Waiakea is Hawaiian, and this gives confidence to consumers since there is a perceived mentality that anything made in Hawaii is natural and suitable for consumption. The drinking water bottles are also stylish and unique to stand out from the numerous brand of drinking water found in the supermarkets and other shopping places. Pollution caused by improper disposal of drinking water bottles is evident with a large amount of the bottle found in oceans. In a recent survey carried out revealed that over eight million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans which pose a threat to marine life. Waiakea water company is cautious about the environment, and it has been certified Carbon Neutral since they use low-emission vehicles to deliver their products. Furthermore, they have been able to develop water bottles that are fully degradable incase the recycling process does not work.

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