Anil Chaturvedi Has A Long And Prominent Career In Banking

Anil has been working in the banking industry for more than forty years at different banking institutes all over the world. Anil Chaturvedi is accustomed to all kinds of banking, though he is a specialist when it comes to private, corporate, and investment banking sectors. He serves as an advisor for many different firms around the world today as well and has dealt heavily in transactions through borders between various countries over the years.

Back in 1973, Anil Chaturvedi had just graduated from Delhi University with his degree in economics. To further his education, Anil returned to the same institution to earn his masters in business administration before finally making his way into the banking industry. With a little industry experience behind him, Anil decided to move to the United States to find new opportunities and he landed a position in New York at the State Bank of India as a manager. During his time at the State Bank of India, Anil was focused on the companies development and planning for new contracts.

Anil’s success at the State Bank of India opened up many doors for him in the banking world and throughout the years he has worked at some of the most reputable banking institutes in the country. This includes corporations like Grindlays and Merrill Lynch. Anil worked as a managing director for Merrill Lynch, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars to the company and increasing the international client base extensively over a period of nearly 20 years.

Due to his many accomplishments and veteran status in the banking industry, Anil has been the recipient of a variety of awards, even joining the Circle of Champions. Today, Anil has moved out of the United States and has relocated to Switzerland to focus on new business opportunities and adventures. While in Switzerland, Anil will be working at the Hinduja Bank.

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