How Does OSI Food Solutions Stand Out from the Crowd?

OSI Food Solutions is one of the premiere food service companies in the world. They have done a good job of building their brand over many years, and they have many different things that prove their success in the modern day. Read more below abouthow this company has changed the way their industry works.

  1. Their New Facilities

The new facilities purchased by OSI Food Solutions include Tyson Foods plant and a Baho Foods plant. They have expanded out west to the point that they can make fresh deliveries to all their customers, and they are hoping to deliver faster because of these acquisitions. The customer service level is very high at OSI because they have a plant that is typically close to the customer.

  1. Their Awards

OSI Food Solutions was given the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council for their work in the industry. They have produced some of the safest food in the world, and they have built a reputation for having safe facilities. They were recognized because they have invested so much time and energy in making their business a better place to work. These little things add up to a bette product for the customer.

  1. The Careers They Offer

Every OSI Food Solutions plant and office has many career opportunities for the public. They have helped many people get very good jobs, and those jobs have gone to those who want to climb the ladder with the company. The careers that the company offers allow for benefits and a competitive salary. They are a nice place to work, and they are a leader in their field because they employ so many people.

  1. Buying Flagship Europe

The company acquired Flagship Europe so that they could expand into that market, and they have found that they can help offer more jobs, better products, and more flexibility for their customers. They want their customers to have better delivery options, and they have included their Europe operation in their online order system.

  1. Conclusion

OSI Food Solutions has done a good job of helping expand their career options and food choices. They have an online order system that works for all their customers, and they charge much less money than the competition. They deliver fresh to every customer from a large group of plants, and they offer the widest array of products in their industry. To know more about the company click here.

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