Shervin Pishevar is of the View that China will Soon Replace the United States as the Largest Economy in the World

There is nothing that appears to be much critical as when an individual seems to be exposing the frailties of his country while at the same time compared with those of other nations. Shervin Pishevar has done just that and is continuously exposing the weaknesses of the United States while at the same time highlighting what other countries have been doing to surpass the domination of the United States. There is a perceived notion that the United States is the largest economy in the world.

Shervin Pishevar seems to agree with that given that the country has been able to encourage and fund investments in the country such that the economy can dwarf even some of the European economies combined. However, this trend seems to be changing as other economies are emerging and have since been giving the United States a run for its money. One of such savings in China, which seems to be determined to topple the United States as the largest economy. The Asian country is doing it so well such that it has even attracted investment partners, especially those from the developing countries that for a long time relied on the United States for aids.

Shervin Pishevar records that individuals have been skeptical about how China has been operating, including devaluing its currency in a bid to attracting a large number of investors while at the same time ensuring that people can export from Import from China with ease. This is a strategic plan that seems to be working. However, the United States and its policymakers have been criticizing this strategy by noting that it is unethical in business and it offers an unfair advantage to other countries around the world.

Despite such complaints, China can reconfigure its infrastructure plans and projects that have helped it to rise above the United States drastically. As the US struggles with aging infrastructure projects, China is developing new and modern infrastructures ranging from rail networks, road networks, and electricity connections across the country. Due to this expansion of infrastructure, Shervin Pishevar has a notion that China will soon replace the United States as the largest economy in the world.

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