A Vision from Eric Lefkofsky & Team!

There are dozens of philanthropies out there trying to cure cancer, Tempus is not one of them. The Goal of Tempus is to help doctors and physicians make decisions on how to treat the patients easier. How do they wish to accomplish this stated goal? Tempus gathers information from patients who have been diagnosed with various cancers. It wants to create a software system that will make it easier to find the information about the specific cancer. To streamline the process of finding the information for the patients’ doctors/physicians so that the patients have exactly what they need as fast as possible. Tempus gathers information on past-patients’ DNA, RNA, and Proteomics – a study based on proteins found in the body. They try to understand on the molecular level, just what kind of tumors there are and just what those tumors can lead to. Tempus then gathers information on the treatments used to try and remove – or at the very least, buy more time for the patients – the cancerous cells. Information that includes lab reports, pathology images, and radiology scans. The philanthropy group may be based out of Chicago, but it works with about fifty National Cancer Institutes – N.C.I., recognized medical centers with cancer being the stated focus – as well as hundreds of community hospitals nationwide and universities including California, Michigan, Chicago, and Virginia. This philanthropy started out from personal reasons and it keeps the personal touch by remembering that there are people with lives on the other end of the information exchange. The Tempus Team keeps that in mind while they work on ways to make it easier for the doctors/physicians and thus make things easier on the patients. The long-term goal is to help make proper treatments more accessible and to ease everyone’s lot.

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