Robert Deignan And Team Cure Your Digital Ailments

Robert Deignan attended Purdue University for his higher education. He earned his Baccalaureate of Sciences degree in organizational leadership in business management. Afterwards, he held positions in the information technology industry and developed several of his own startups, as well. Of the half a dozen or so that he created, Fanlink, in particular, maintained traction during that period. It served as an online predictive gaming connection for fans. Robert himself was a successful American Football player, attending Purdue University on a full scholarship. He also later played professional ball for NFL teams such as the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins.

Robert Deignan enjoyed and appreciated his skills as an American Football player and the gains they afforded him. Nevertheless, his creativity and leadership muscles desired exercising above the rest. After his several entrepreneurial starts, he served as Executive Vice President (EVP) of iS3 Corporation. With a lengthy tenure there on his resumé, in 2011 he founded his definitive shop, ATS Digital Services, where ATS stands for Advanced Tech Support.

Robert Deignan still currently serves as its President and Chief Executive Officer. The goal of the company is to provide definitive, comprehensive resolution to all personal or home device problems. He and his team of professionals address customers’ concerns either remotely or via house call, better known as, truck roll. They fix errors for desktop computers, tablets, laptops, mobile telephones, iOS devices, Android systems, network connections, HDTV concerns, etc. Recently, ATS Digital Services received the coveted AppEsteem Certification reward, a first in the industry. Robert Deignan and his team uniquely qualified for it because of their undaunted dedication to integrous and complete problem resolution strategies for their customers, meeting all 39 criteria.

Some of you may remember ‘rabbit ears.’ They were the make it or break it of your television set. Usually, only one or two people in the neighborhood had a knack for getting the channels to come in clearly and people weren’t shy about asking for that help. Well, think of ATS Digital Services as that valued neighbor but for today’s devices. Robert Deignan and his team aim to ensure that every consumer experiences the best their electronic devices offer.

When not in the call center attending to his company’s mission, you may find Robert Deignan fishing off Florida’s beautiful coast. He believes in actively pursuing a balanced life. With that advice, he also suggests you limit the hiring of friends and family, if at all, follow your gut and crunch the numbers. He cautions that if your goals do not pan out on a properly representative spreadsheet, neither will they in real life. Keep systems real, keep them simple and keep them effective and the profit will follow.

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