Ian King Is Helping Investors To Understand The Benefits Of Investing In Bonds Right Now

Ian King is a stock market, cryptocurrency, and bond expert who has over two decades of experience as a hedge fund manager. He analyzes a spread of different financial markets and has been letting investors know that the stock market has been in a bull market for the last ten years. On the flip side of the coin, the bond market is causing investors to take a second glance. The present federal interest rate for bonds is at 1.75% but is expected to rise to 2% soon. Investors are open to bonds and appreciate the dividends that they pay. They also see them as safe investments because of these dividends that get paid out whether the stock market is volatile or not. Follow Ian King on Medium.com.

Ian King understands that when investors begin to worry about their stock investments they start to see bonds in a new light. He suggests that investors would be wise to pay attention to the way that bond interest rates cycle and get in when the buying is good. Aggressive investors might not be as interested in bonds, but they may also lose a lot of their investment while bond investors do just fine. TINA is an acronym for “there is no alternative,” and this is a term that describes when there is no better alternative than the stock market. This is not true at this time, because, as Ian King has pointed out, bonds are proving to be a good alternative to a volatile market.

Ian King began his career working for Saloman Brothers as a desk clerk in its mortgage bond trading department. He is currently the cryptocurrency investing expert with Banyan Hill Publishing where he alerts interested investors when there are good investment opportunities. He decided to leave Wall Street and its excesses years ago when he was tired of helping the wealthy get wealthier. He found cryptocurrencies while he was a venture investor and is happy to be working with Banyan Hill where he can reach the exact kind of investor he is hoping to help. He believes that anyone can invest in cryptocurrency and that it just takes a willingness to learn and listen.

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