Chainsmokers’ DJ Alex Pall, says they are taking Electronic Dance Music to a higher level.

Electronic dance music has gained massive popularity in the last decade, establishing as a mainstream genre among the fans. The industry has seen the emergence and cropping up of many DJs who produce dance music, but the duo that has stood out from the crowd is the Chainsmokers. The DJing duo is comprised of two talented DJs, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, and they have taken the industry by storm with household tracks such as don’t let me down and roses. The Chainsmokers are keeping the stone rolling and they recently released an industry-acclaimed track, Closer, which has been tipped to be a mainstream radio- banger. Closer will give the Chainsmokers fans a reason to live for, having featured the hotshot star, Halsey.


Traditionally, electronic dance DJs rely on vocalists and singers to add the human touch in their expertly mixed electronic beats. However, in the song closer, the Chainsmokers have done it differently and Taggart is singing on the track. This is just one step forward in the duos plan to diversify their brand and feature more prominently as performing artists in their songs. Alex Pall says that this will add flair to their live performance and will ultimately leave their massive crowds of fans that show up in their live concerts, more satisfied and entertained. This will not only edge out their competitors who stick behind the DJ booth and never show their faces, but it will also help them add their emotions in the songs.


Alex Pall says that, their focus on building their brand is more long-term oriented and that they are working to come up with a well-synced album. He admits that the album may be overdue as the fans demanded it some time ago. However, Alex says that they are working on a detailed album, one that will speak loudly and cement their brand and one that will give the fans more bang for their buck. According to Pall, they are having making the album as they are more deeply involved in writing lyrics for the songs. Alex points us that the lyrics to their new song closer were written by Andrew Taggart and a mutual friend in their tour bus.


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Alex started DJing as a hobby in New York City which is his hometown but later realized his life was consumed by electronic dance music and decided to take the plunge and go mainstream. He was born on May 16, in the year 1985 in Westchester County.

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