Meet Betsy DeVos the US Education Secretary

Prior to the president of the United States of America Donald Trump rescinding a federal policy that allowed transgender students to make use of the school bathroom basing on their gender. Betsy DeVos who serves in the government as the education secretary met the representative of transgender and gay to warn of what was coming. Prior to her current job, Betsy DeVos was the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and an advocate of the charter schools and school vouchers. Those quite familiar with Betsy says that despite the setbacks she faces, she will always appear gracious in public.


Back at her home, she is known to be a self-driven, persistent and a great political fighter. Having been brought up in a wealthy family, she was able to punish his enemies, reward his friends and work behind the scenes to unseat lawmakers who opposed her and pass legislation. According to the former states attorney general, Betsy DeVos managed to instill fear in may people not only because she is a billionaire, but also very determined when it comes to working towards her targets. Betsy DeVos, currently fifty nine years of age, was brought up in Holland, Mich. Her father Edgar Prince founded an auto parts company where Betsy worked part time. She was married to Dick DeVos, the son to the founder of the Amway, which is a multilevel marketing company. Back in the year 2006 Dick DeVos ran for the governor ship of Michigan but he was unsuccessful.


For around thirty years, Betsy DeVos struggled to steer tax dollars from the traditional public schools to the charter schools. She also fought for the public funds meant to pay for tuition in private schools including the religious ones. Betsy DeVos together with Dick DeVos have been in a marriage for over fifty years as they just celebrated their wedding anniversary recently. They are parents to their four grown up children. Throughout the years, the couple has been contributing to various political and religious conservatives. Betsy DeVos and the first lady Melania Trump together with Queen Rania from Jordan visited a girls charter school located in Washington. In her statement, the education secretary put emphasis on her support on the school choice by terming the Excel Academy as a shining example of a school that meets the needs of students, parents and even the entire community. He added that the school is an appropriate example that shows the kind of transformation that can take place if only parents are given the power to select the kind of education setting that best fit their children’s personal requirements.


Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos prove that education is the couple’s major priority. Back in the year 2015, the couple allotted more than three million dollars to the education field. The money accounted to about 26% of their total charity donations in that year. In the same year, the DeVos entire family offered 104 million dollars to charity which resulted to the family being listed at the 24th position in the Forbes American Top Givers.


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