Flavio Maluf Social Development

Entrepreneurs are coming forth with their idea all over the world. Some countries are good grounds for companies to thrive and at least try to survive in business. The rule and regulation especially in the tax arena. One country that has given entrepreneurs a problem in that taxes arena in Brazil. Taxes on businesses in Brazil are so high that many businesses are not able to continue in business due to financial hardship after they pay taxes. Majority of the profit that business owners can make go to the government and they don’t see the money. Thanks to people like Flavio Maluf the issue that business owners have with high taxes in Brazil may turn for the better of the community.

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Flavio Maluf is the Chief Executive Officer at Eucatex. Eucatex is a company that is devoted to bettering the community. They have programs to increase recycling and overall created a healthy place for people to live in. He has worked at the Eucatex since 1987. Ten years after he started working at the company he was moved to the position of presidency. In addition to the work that he has done at Eucatex, he has a great amount of input in the Brazilian tax problem. Flavio Maluf proposed the Fiscal Incentive Law.

The goal of the Fiscal Incentive Law is to take the money that is being given to the government for taxes and put the money into the community. The money that is being given to the government doesn’t quite show up in the community, so the Fiscal Incentive makes sure that the community benefits from the money. This way companies feel as though they have more power in the decision of what use their money is put to. They are able to support the things within the community that they believe in. They will no longer be taxed on profit that they didn’t make, so their taxes will decrease good amount. Flavio Maluf’s goal is to help develop Brazil develop in term of social, environmental, and economic terms. He continues to work hard for change. View https://br.linkedin.com/in/flavio-maluf-172147b3


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