Paul Mampilly Shares Where He Sees Cybersecurity Heading

Last year financial expert Paul Mampilly took the stage with Jeff Yastine in order to discuss computer security efforts in the corporate world. This was at the Total Wealth Symposium and they, along with other members of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing, are looking forward to sharing information like this again at this year’s event. The goal of this event is to help everyone in the audience make $1 million by the end of 2019. Visit Paul Mampilly on facebook

Corporations have been fighting hacking efforts for the past two decades with many examples of complete failure to keep the bad guys out of their corporate systems. Paul Mampilly says that computer security experts agree that it is impossible to plug every gap. Most have now shifted their goal to devising systems to detect when some unauthorized person has entered their systems. Once they detect them they can shut the attempt down. They are also using advanced encrypting techniques to secure the data in their networks as well, he says. He will discuss these efforts at the symposium this year.

Paul Mampilly’s background is one where he has been involved in investing for more than 25 years. He started out as an assistant to a portfolio manager and quickly advanced in the ranks. By the time he decided to retire from Wall Street at age 42 he had run huge hedge funds and counted among his clients a private Swiss Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Like a lot of people who work on Wall Street, he got tired of it, particularly helping multinational corporations make money.

Today he publishes Profits Unlimited, read by over 90,000 subscribers each month. In each issue he highlights a company in an industry he sees as poised for explosive growth. He explains to his readers the background of why he thinks this way and what types of returns could happen. Paul Mampilly also offers two premium trading services to subscribers which are True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes.

As for what the next issue of Profits Unlimited will be about, Paul Mampilly said that it would be about opportunities in the sneakers business. He sees brands like Air Jordans and Lebrons doing really well for the next few years and will make his case for why investors will make a lot of money buying the companies who produce these. He says these shoes have become collectibles which will power their sales. Read more reviews:


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