Industry Leader Drew Madden and Tech Companies Team Up for Healthcare Improvements

During the last few months of 2017, the healthcare community was in the spotlight with the involvement of two big names. First, CVS Pharmacy will probably acquire Aetna, a health insurance giant. The second one is Amazon, which was revealed to have purchased pharmacy licenses in many parts of the country.

It is predicted that Amazon will get more licenses, particularly in making prescription medications available to the consumers. According to the report, the leading retail website has acquired permits for the distribution of equipment related to healthcare.

Although the moves are not performed at the same time, these two arrangements are firmly related to each other. Pharmaceutical sales may be on the rise and Amazon wants to make sure it is in the first line to take advantage of the opportunity.

As for CVS, the plan to buy Aetna will be in response to Amazon’s move. Quite recently, CVS has announced that it wants to offer next-day delivery nationwide for consumers who will purchase prescription medications.

Consumerization of Healthcare

Drew Madden has always been familiar with these tactics, and he understands that CVS and Amazon are taking the next steps toward healthcare consumerization. The companies want to provide as many elements as possible when it comes to the healthcare ecosystem, including technological services. This way, consumers will obtain much better control over making decisions, as well as in purchasing healthcare plans.

With the experience Drew Madden has in healthcare, he knows Amazon is not the only company that wants to make healthcare consumer-friendly. The massive reach of the two companies, along with Aetna, can help people live longer and healthier than before.

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT executive and entrepreneur who has always been interested in the technology involving electronic medical records. Experts like him believe that many things are still lacking in hospital healthcare. Among them is information technology.

Although there are several health-tech companies right now, patients still have issues with accessing the care and treatment they require. Drew Madden aims to address these issues by forming electronic information portals among others to help hospitals and patients communicate with one another with ease.

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