Flavio Maluf’sEucatex Teaming Up with Duratex

Even though the companies will be teaming up, Duratex has said that they plan on staying with the farm in Itapetinga, which currently produces the raw materials for them. This is important because Eucatex offered to give them a farm in Capão Bonito if Duratex let them take over the production of wood sheets in Botucatu. Duratex let them take over the production but decided to stay in Itapetina instead of moving to Capão Bonito. Visit barbacenaonline.com to learn more.

The business in Botucatu is worth around R $ 60 million. The plant itself has around 280 employees and produces around 200 thousand m³ units every single year. Not only will this let Eucatex have an increased production capacity of 70%, but they’ll also have an increase of paint capacity to 30% and an increase of paper printing capacity to 40%. Having this particular farm will also make their presence bigger in areas that they weren’t before, such as Brazil. In addition, many jobs will become available as a result ofEucatex getting this farm!

Flavio Maluf has a lot of experience in his field and he believes there are 4 main ways to help keep productivity up at work. The first one is to not get into conversations that are random and take the employees minds off their task for too long. While a little conversation is fine, you don’t want your employees to waste a bunch of hours just talking about random stuff and not getting their job done. The next way is to keep interactions with cell phones simple and brief. While it’s important to be connected for various jobs, you don’t want your employees to be on their phone constantly. Checking messages and the news every once in awhile is okay though. The third thing is to not lose focus. Long days can be hard and it can be difficult to keep your mind focused, but losing it can end up making your employees letting their work build up. Finally, the last way is to keep an open mind about new ways to work and get things done. This will help your employees continue learning and building up their skills.

Check: http://www.dino.com.br/releases/flavio-maluf-e-sua-trajetoria-profissional-flavio-maluf-e-presidente-da-eucatex-brasil-dino89063425131


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