The Stairway to Safety: Inmate Cell Monitoring Hits The System

Cell phone usage by inmates in prisons all over the country is not something that many people look at as a serious hazard. But, to a large quantity of corrections facility and law enforcement employees, this is a leading hazardous issue. With society engrossed in the new technologies of today, it is almost uncommon to find an individual anywhere, including inside the prison system, who does not have access to a personal cellular device. Securus Technologies is a company with the goal to change the way that interactions with incarcerated inmates are able to take place. Most interactions happen using personally owned cell phones and up until now have been unmonitored. Securus Technologies hopes to end this unmonitored activity by using their innovative Wireless Containment System, which is a managed access cell phone detection system.

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas based innovator in technology solutions for public safety, investigations and monitoring of interactions within the criminal justice system. Securus has implemented a new cell network that is used to detect cell phone usage into or out of the prison. Using the Wireless Containment System, Securus holds the ability to access and deny any unauthorized phone calls from taking place between inmates and the outside world, and the calls are able to be dropped or unable to connect. Since it’s implementation into the criminal justice system, over 1.7 million calls have already been dropped.

Robert Johnson is a Securus Technologies employee and has personally seen the negative side to inmate cell phone usage. In 2010 while working as a corrections officer in the contraband division, Johnson was involved in the seizure of a large package valued at over $50,000. About two weeks after the package was intercepted, Johnson was a victim to a break in and assault at his home, where he was also shot multiples of times and suffered mass trauma. This poor man was the target of a called in hit that was made using a cell phone by an inmate. Johnson is now an outspoken advocator for stopping the usage of cell phones in a negative manner by incarcerated inmates.


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