How Sheldon Lavin has Managed to Transform OSI Group into a Reputable Corporation

Sheldon Lavin has seen the Growth of OSI Group Industries from a little-known family entity, into an internationally recognized conglomerate. The entrepreneurs’ career started at Otto & sons firm where he was a financial consultant. He assisted in handling the company’s financial books and outsourcing for funds for the entity. The firm was the sole supplier of meat products to MacDonald’s chain stores in the Midwest. After working for the company for a while and achieving great success, Sheldon got an opportunity to own shares in the company. As the company continued to grow and expand, Sheldon was presented with another chance to buy more shares and gain control of the firm, and thus OSI Group was born, and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

Sheldon Lavin’s leadership style has contributed significantly to the growth of the company. He insists on the fair treatment of all his employees regardless of their position. The company employs a family-like structure, whereby, all members of OSI are part of a single colossal family known as OSI Group Industries. With this strategy, each member of the OSI family understands their purpose and thus can perform according to company’s expectations. The human resource office organizes regular lunch meeting’s to enable bonding between workers and improve teamwork. Sheldon Lavin also encourages free communication between the workers and the management. With a workforce of over 20,000 employees, OSI is among the few entities with a high retention rate.

Sheldon Lavin is committed to expanding the operations of OSI Group into other markets. In his quest to increase the European portfolio, he oversaw the acquisition of Baho Foods, a major manufacturer of snacks, convenient foods, and deli meats based in the Netherlands. Baho Foods also operates in Germany and distributes its products to more than 19 European countries. The Beijing Olympics presented yet another opportunity for OSI to enter the Chinese market. They supplied more than 100 tons of meat, chicken, and pork products to the games.

At 81 years, Sheldon Lavin has significant plans for the group and hopes that before his retirement, the corporation will be supplying meat products to all major markets in the world. Apart from being a business mogul, Sheldon Lavin is a humanitarian who has contributed a large chunk of his money to help the less fortunate in marginalized areas through his Sheba Foundation. He is a board member at Rush University Medical center and the Goodman Theater, and more information click here.

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