Talk Fusion is leading the Way with Innovative Communication Methods

Talk Fusion, a communication software system, is in the process of adding new and improved products. The latest product is the Product Dashboard that compliments Talk Fusion Video Suite. It is one of several innovations that the company will be announcing in the very near future. The Dashboard comes with a new look and offers an improved user experience. Bob Reina, founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) the new dashboard is the one thing that will jumpstart the introduction of the other improvements Reina and his team will bring forth later this year.


The company is in the video communication arena and offers products that are unlike any other. Since the products are also reasonably priced, Talk Fusion has taken the communication world by storm. It is creating the wave of the future and it’s a wave its competitors are finding not easy to catch. Bob Reina and his team are always looking for ways to improve their offerings. They want to offer superior products and devices that are WebRTC-powered. Their goal is incorporate efficiency into every product they develop in order to help make customers as efficient as possible when using the products.


It is Talk Fusion’s goal to change the manner in which people communicate. This will be accomplished by eliminating barriers that are hindering communication. Using state of the art technology, the new Talk Fusion products will be easier to use and become very valuable tools in the communication system. The new and improved Talk Fusion experience will change the way people connect.


Since video is becoming a very important component in communication, Talk Fusion is definitely leading the way and forcing the rest of the field to rethink their methods. The communication tools are becoming a highly coveted method for business owners to reach their customers. Talk Fusion started as a means for inserting a video into email and they have never looked back. Customers also have the ability to subscribe to service packages that allows them to send hundreds and even thousands of emails every day.


Talk Fusion products include video newsletters, live meetings, sign up forms and video chat. The software allows customers to make video presentations up to 500 participants. Participants can connect through PC, tablet or smart phone. Talk Fusion gives customers the ability to build an email list through its Sign-Up Forms. Customers can design their own form or utilize one of the pre-made forms. There is also an auto responder feature that will send a follow up automatically. Learn more:

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