Doe Deere Has Turned Lime Crime Into A Sensational Fairy Tale Come True

Doe Deere began her life in Russia and became the Unicorn Queen of the United States. Prior to creating Lime Crime Cosmetics she was a fashion designer. Doe Deere is a trendsetter living in Los Angeles, California. Her cosmetics are bold, cruelty free, colorful, vegan and certified. She has created sensational loose pigments, liquid liners in rainbow colors, palettes of eye shadows, glittery lip gloss, nail polish and extraordinary lipsticks.


Doe Deere was inspired to create brightly colored cosmetics because she was unable to locate anything on the market to compliment her clothing designs. The two greatest loves of her life are fairy tales and cosmetics. She used her creativity to combine the two into a line of cosmetics that are imaginative, unique and a lot of fun. Since the mascot for Lime Crime is a unicorn it was only fitting Doe Deere became the unicorn queen.


Doe Deere started making money in 2008. This was when Lime Crime was launched. Her products are available in retail stores, online and internationally. Her original collection was much smaller than what is available today and included fine brushes for just $12. Their popularity was partially due to the makeup tutorials she gave online. By 2009 Doe Deere was a success and her company continues to grow.


Doe Deer may have started out as a fashion designer but her true calling was makeup. This is where her passion is and the people respond brilliantly. Her first customer came from a contest she held and has snowballed into three million followers. Part of her success is due to her marketing strategies. She listens to what people tell her and the feedback has been valuable. Doe Deere puts herself out there and is not afraid to express herself.


Doe Deere’s philosophy is both simple and beautiful. She believes makeup should make people happy. She will not bother with any color that is not transforming and inspiring. Her colors are reminiscent of a magical fairy and bring out the best in her followers. Lime Crime has a very specific niche. Her cosmetics are the epitome of a fantasy no other company has touched. This makes her brand stand out exceptionally well from other cosmetics.


Once Lime Crime became successful Doe Deere began providing support for animal rescue charities, children and women. She has made a tremendous difference with her support of the Red Cross, the Bideawee animal shelter, Girls Inc., Adopt NY, Sanctuary For Families and HOLA for kids in LA.


Doe Deere creates her collections based on individual themes. This enables her to bring the palette of colors she sees to life. She chases her dreams and fantasies while creating amazing new products. She purchased Facetune for the flash it brings to her Instagram photos. She enjoys using the editing tools to smooth skin, whiten teeth, erase blemishes, etc. Doe Deer is all about fairy tales. She enjoys whimsy, rhymes and the play of words. She named her company Lime Crime because she simply loved the way it sounded. Her creativity and attitude have earned her the title of the unicorn queen.


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