Securus Technology Acquires GovPayNet Holdings

Securus Technologies continues to grow every year, and the most recent growth involves the purchase of GovPayNet, a payment service leader that services government clients. Securus has always offered payment services as part of its wide reaching technology based management services for businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations.


As part of its services, Securus will continue offering many of the same services GovPayNet was already offering, which include payment processing, fine and fee processing, tax payments, and other government money transfer services. These services are provided to several states and dozens of counties that all rely on these types of payment and financial management services to operate.


Securus has said that it is excited to add the company to its overall portfolio, especially since GovPayNet has such a good reputation in the business. By adding the business to its holdings it is strengthening its own quality and ability to provide competent services in this area. Not only does the company gain clients and experience that are related to the new firm, but they gain loyal and customer service driven employees and the investments that the company has made.


For GovPayNet, the acquisition means that it is able to lead the way in the niche of government services because they now have the support and backing of Securus behind them.


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