Turning Back Time with Jeunesse Global

Enter Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis: two inspired and highly successful enterprisers who were ready to bring on the world after their recent successes in other business investments. Taking everything they had learned and earned, Jeunesse was started on September 9, 2009 as a unique way of symbolizing their commitment to introducing beauty-enhancing products to the world as a whole. For almost a decade now, Jeunesse continues to deliver on their nine-step process to help the young retain their youth while the wise may regain it.

Jeunesse Global has gathered a following in the wake of its cutting-edge suss of medical technology and specifically what causes the human body to age. They found that the people of today frequently suffer from poor diets, deep emotional stress, electromagnetic radiation of every sort and free radicals to top it all off. The wonders of the human body are its self-correcting facilities that dispose of toxins and heal injuries, but if left unchecked, it too can fall into disrepair with time. The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) has been assigned the mantle of restoring youthful wellness by equipping the body with the resources needed to undo the years of accumulated damage and continually prevent it in the days going forward.

What is Y.E.S.?

As a strong believer in the can-do attitude, this health company delivers all-natural blends that are uniquely proprietary to Jeunesse while incorporating superfoods and nutrient-rich ingredients that are proprietary to none other than nature itself. These blends break down into nine angles of attack to recover the body from all manner of age-related damage and bring it back to its prime. The idea is to help people from all walks of life reestablish their full potential once more.

The product lines are applied differently based on what they aim to accomplish. There’s an energy drink stand-in that ships as juice in a can, a sleep aid and mood booster that are taken as capsules, a traditional powder-mix-style fitness blend that regulates appetite and trims fat, and even topical cosmetic products that quickly eliminate minor flaws in the skin. Also included is a focus-enhancing protein mix and immune system booster to keep you on top of your game.

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