Equities First French Tribune

Equities First Holdings provides loans with publicly traded stocks which is gaining momentum to become a loan based solution. Founded in two thousand and two the company already has a steady reputation of filling the general goals of its clients. The company has its base in Indianapolis, Indiana with branches all over the world. With more clients turning to this company rather than more traditional lenders and the company’s more than one billion dollars in transactions, the company is poised for growth in the coming years. Recently the company opened its London base branch that is regulated by the UK and has established a well defined track record of lending to institutions as well as high net worth individuals. With high profile companies such as Paysafeplc and Angel plc publicly confirming repayment, the London branch is expected to receive further business in the future. Equities First Holdings is pleased enough of its London branch that it has committed to anther one hundred million to increase its European lending, and more information click here.

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