Betsy DeVos: A Fighter Through and Through

Michigan businesswoman, philanthropist, and Secretary of Education (under President Trump) Betsy DeVos is a fighter if ever there was one. Mrs. DeVos gauges each of her professional challenges individually, reacts to them publically, and responds to them privately. Her remarkable ability to form relationships while simultaneously moving towards her numerous professional goals has propelled her to fantastic career heights.



And now, to the benefit of all of America, Betsy DeVos’s interests are one and the same as the educational interests of the country’s citizens. Her aforementioned position as Secretary of Education is one that requires an abundance of focus, energy, and hard work to succeed at—and thus far, Mrs. DeVos has risen to the occasion and put her ample know-how and insight to use for everyone.



A prime example of Mrs. DeVos’s consummate professionalism can be found in the way she handled President Trump’s declaration that students would be allowed only to use the bathroom that matches their biological gender, as opposed to using the bathroom that matches their identified gender—a maneuver made possible by the cancellation of an Obama-era policy that guaranteed students the right to use the bathroom of their gender identity.



Publically, Mrs. DeVos stood strong with the decision, believing it’d be counterproductive and disloyal to oppose a measure implemented by the man who made her Secretary of Education. Privately, however, Mrs. DeVos did as best she could to persuade the President to see the issue from her perspective, and to change his mind. When it was apparent that the President was set firm in his decision, Mrs. DeVos called a meeting with leading LGBT and transgender figures, informed them of the eminent change in law, and gathered feedback from them.



Other, less-experienced professionals would have made a public fit against the order, or would have otherwise subverted its implementation. Tempting as such a course may have been for Mrs. DeVos, she undoubtedly realized that doing so could have resulted in her prompt termination as Secretary of Education. By voicing her opinion privately, connecting with industry leaders, and not disparaging the decision, she opened up an avenue through which wide-ranging dialogue can be had between today’s most vocal activists, herself, the President, and the congressional leaders responsible for crafting legislation; in this way, Betsy successfully perpetuated talks when they wouldn’t have otherwise existed. And in an era wherein productive political discussion between individuals of opposing political parties is admittedly limited, the value of such a decision cannot be understated.



Thus, Betsy DeVos understands what many politicians before her have not: that there is a time and place for fighting, and a time and place for cooperating; failing to discern between the two can destroy even the best-laid plans. Accordingly, Mrs. DeVos has held strong in her support of school-choice, vouchers, and more.



Especially in the unpredictable political landscape of today, nothing is certain. However, one can safely assume that, through all the upcoming turns and grooves, from President Trump’s policy decisions to occurrences completely outside her control, Betsy DeVos will continue to fight for what she believes in. Learn more:



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