George Soros to Leave Most of His Wealth to Charity

According to CNN Money, George Soros has just donated 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations. This is the bulk of his 24.6 billion dollar net worth. This transfer of wealth has been confirmed by the Open Society Foundations. It has been a process that has been going on for a number of years. This transfer of wealth was first reported on by The Wall Street Journal.

The Open Society Foundations are a pro-democracy group. They work against authoritative dictatorships around the world. They fight for human rights and against discrimination against LGBT people and minorities.

George Soros is 87 years old. George Soros plans on leaving most of his wealth to charity, specifically for the Open Society Foundations. According to Laura Silber, who is the Chief Communications Officer at the Open Society Foundations, the Open Society Foundations have donated 14 billion dollars to charity over the past 30 years, and his Website.

According to Laura Silber, the Open Society Foundations, including the donation that George just donated, is now worth 18 billion dollars. This means that it is the second largest foundation in the world, ahead of the Ford Foundation. Only the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has more worth than the Open Society Foundations.

Including the 18 billion dollars that George Soros has just donated to the Open Society Foundations, George Soros has donated 30 billion dollars to charity over the course of his life so far. George Soros was born in Hungary where he suffered under the Nazis. George Soros, knowing what living under fascists feels like, decided to open the Open Society Foundations to combat anti-democracy forces. George Soros studied in London and moved to the United States, where he got involved in Wall Street and became one of the wealthiest investors in the world. George Soros has donated a lot of money to Democratic causes, and he has supported Hillary Clinton in the last election. He has criticized Donald Trump, as he feels that he is a bad influence on democracy.

Following this major transfer of wealth, George Soros’ own net worth dropped significantly. On the Forbes 400 list, George Soros dropped by 39 places. His net worth fell to 8 billion dollars. George Soros has been on the Forbes 400 list since the 1990s, when he was worth 300 million dollars. He has been on the Forbes 400 list every year since then, and read full article.

The Open Society Foundations were founded by George Soros in 1984. He founded the Open Society Foundations because he wanted to help out the poor and oppressed. He wanted to help support open and free societies and fight closed and authoritative societies. George Soros has done charitable work in over 100 countries. His foundations work across the globe. They do not bend on pressure from people who want them to stop their good work. George is dedicated to his work and will not stop, and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

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