Sussex Health Care The Leading Care Home Provider For The Elderly And The Disabled In The UK

Sussex Health Care is a network of care homes that manages over 25 fully equipped care homes. Sussex provides care services to the elderly patients and those adults with disabilities. The organization boasts of having a team of professional’s doctors and nurses all of whom have been adequately trained in the treatment of a wide range of conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer, and other neurological disorders.

The facilities are equipped with the state of the art technologies and offer 24/7 care to patients. Sussex has been the leading provider of quality care homes for over three decades now in the UK. Sussex was founded in the year 1985 as a single small facility and has grown over the years to the now more than 25 care homes and a bed capacity of over 1000 patient.

Why Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Health Care has stood out among its competitors because of the provision of high-quality services. Sussex has a first class team of staff and management who are highly experienced and understand that patients do come first in everything that they do. Besides the highly trained team of professionals, the company boasts of having the best type of facilities including recreational facilities such as gyms and spa pools among others. Sussex do understand the importance of a healthy diet in the overall well being of a patient, and as a result, the care homes meals are made from fresh and local ingredients.

Patients with special conditions such as those that have dementia and the disabled are accorded special type of care which is customized to their needs, and they include physiotherapy, reflexology, and occupational therapy among others. Those with disabilities are provided with a wide range of purpose-built facilities and multi-sensory rooms to aid in their treatment.

Sussex Healthcare also understands the importance of leisure activities and social interactions in the overall well being of an individual. As a result, the doctors and nurses in the care homes assist patients in choosing the type of leisure activities that interest them and their current abilities. In light of making sure that their patients are fully engaged in leisure and social activities, Sussex Healthcare has launched a new gym facility that is fully equipped with the state of the art facilities. At the gym, patients can access quality physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions. Besides the state of the art equipment, the gym treatment and training sessions are conducted by a team of highly qualified professionals and physiotherapists who have specialized in areas such as musculoskeletal, respiratory and neurology among others.

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