Education about Israel and its Culture

The work of an Ambassador is sometimes as important as that of a President. An ambassador to a country represents his home, but in case of Daniel Taub, the story was not quite as simple as that. Not many people yet recognize his name, but it is worth noticing.

Born and raised in England, Daniel Taub attended Oxford and later Harvard University. These prestigious schools not just gave him a degree but also taught him how important hard work is no matter which profession you call your own. His roots are in Israel, and Daniel Taub moved to his second home country after finishing his studies. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

There he served in the IDF as a medic and then became a reserve officer in the International law division which also led to his future career after the military. He had the opportunity to join the Foreign Ministry in the early nineties when so many places around the world were changing. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

His career carried him through various positions in politics as well as legal and diplomatic aspects of international relations. He brings to the table a lot of experience, in particular, international law and counter-terrorism law as well as laws of war which to this day are still an essential part of international relations and diplomatic connections between different countries.

In 2011 Daniel Taub became the Ambassador to the United Kingdom, effectively almost poetically bringing him back to his first home. There was criticism at first because of his lack of seniority. However, his experience in the roles across the board changes people’s minds.

Daniel Taub also took it upon himself to educate the broader public about Israel and the culture it brings to other countries. He was able to encourage the Jewish community in the United Kingdom to become more visible and for British to accept them as a part of the society easier.

He worked with different Jewish centers around the country as well as tried to work on awareness about the situations back home. Before his time in the United Kingdom was over, Daniel Taub had the opportunity to meet Her Majesty the Queen and express his pride while also wearing his kippah to the evening.

Daniel colleagues praise him as tainted, smart and a charming person to spend time with even under the most amount of stress. Taub believes in the importance of his role as an Ambassador and never took it lightly.

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