Kate Hudson Brings New Things to the Table With Fabletics

A growing number of people have become quite impressed with what actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson is doing. She has created a clothing line called Fabletics with her partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and people are love what she is bringing to the marketplace. Kate Hudson is aware that she has a unique style of clothes that is different from anything else that is out there right now.


Amazon is a quiet leader in the retail clothing industry. This is an online website that essentially gets about 20% of the retail clothing market. This is quite a bit for a company that does not even advertise clothes. What Kate Hudson has managed to do is compete with Amazon by advertising through online marketing channels and social media.

She has groomed her business carefully by presenting a brand that speaks to young consumers. This is the crowd that Amazon may be missing. Amazon is a company that can acquire customers of all ages, but many young consumers that are immersed in social media are not even aware of the athletic clothes that are sold by Amazon. Amazon promotes many electronic products, but there is little to no marketing for this brand of athletic clothing.


Kate Hudson, by comparison, has built a brand that has been marketed quite well through social media. Consumers are able to get a clear feel for what she is trying to bring to the market because she appears in the commercials herself. She has also taken the time to market to a crowd by wearing the garments that she promotes. All of this makes Fabletics one of the better companies for the youthful crowd of consumers that are looking for comfortable clothing for their work out. Even people that may run in the park, take Pilates or yoga classes are going to see the benefits of this type of clothing. It is durable and stretchy, but it is also stylish. Kate Hudson did a long hard look at what the clothing industry was bringing forth and she wanted to make a definite impact improving upon what was already in existence. That is the hard thing for lots of people that are in entrepreneurs in an industry where everyone follows the leader. Lots of entrepreneurs in workout clothes for women duplicate what is already successful. Kate Hudson wanted to move in her own way with something new.

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