Waiakea Water – Creating a Difference

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has decided to start using fully degradable bottle come next year; this helps in reducing the packaging lifespan by 98 percent. It brings to creating technologies and the potential for changing the global CPG industry. According to the brand, a scientist has a approached the packaging in a new angle.

The bottles are one hundred percent recyclable and the use TimePlast which is the only patented addictive globally for the degrading of plastics. These new materials main aim is to take the plastic lifespan from the usual one thousand five hundred years to around fifteen years.

Waiakea uses one hundred percent recyclable bottles, and it will be the first to use TimePlast Nano-additive. The Waiakea founder and its chief executive officer Ryan Emmons state that creating of such bottle was all about approaching polymers differently.

The TimePlast addictive will be introduced to containers as the chemical bonds substituted with links are less complicated. The result is Nano-degradable, re-engineered plastics that are weakened drastically hence having a shorter ecological footprint.
Emmons states that it took more than one thousand two hundred experiments and over five years to create a durable plastic with high qualities like the regular plastic. He said that the two most significant challenges related to some iterations and the patent approval. Since the Waiakea bottles use high grades of time last addictive, the cost is negligible.

Waiakea is a company founded in the year 2012, and it offers sustainable, healthy and charitable premium bottled water. The Waiakea volcanic waters originate from Hawaii through the rain and snowmelt from the pristine peak of the most active Mauna Loa Volcano which is the purest environments globally. The Waiakea water is filtered through the 14,000 feet of the porous lave hence enhancing electrolytes and minerals making it more delicious and alkaline.

Waiakea is the first U.S bottled awarded the carbon neutral certification, and it offers many eco-initiatives. Each of bottled water sold, Waiakea donates around 650 liters through PumpAid of clean water. Waiakea’s primary mission is to provide delicious and healthy volcanic water and to contribute clean water access to other developing nations.

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