Louis Chenevert’s Great Contributions to UTC

Born French-Canadian, Louis R. Chenevert graduated with a degree in production management from the University of Montreal. HEC, Montreal. He joined General Motors working for 14 years. He left and joined Pratt & Whitney serving for six years. In 1999, Louis was elected the president of the entire Pratt& Whitney division serving for seven years.

From March 2006 to December 2014, Louis was the CEO and president of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Under his leadership, UTC has experienced tremendous improvements, Louis achieved as a leader of conglomerate revenue worth close to $100 billion in a single year. Louis led the company to the acquisition of Goodrich. With over a year of negotiations, UTC acquired Goodrich in a deal worth $ 18.4 billion.

Mr. Chenevert made a personal mission that he will use his knowledge and experience to make UTC a better company than he found it. UTC offers Employee Scholar Program which takes care of the employee’s cost who are interested in pursuing further education in particular fields. More than 40,000 employees since 1996 have attained degrees courtesy of the program.While Chenevert was the CEO of UTC, he was a forward thinker who picked out projects with the highest profitability chance. He inspired employees to work on those projects thoroughly towards success. This philosophy was also passed to the incumbent CEO, Gregory Hayes.

Other than acquiring Goodrich, with Louis, UTC won the lobby to manufacture a second alternate engine for the US Air Force. UTC became the primary supplier of the F-35 engine for the US government. Moreover, UTC’s Sikorsky unit is the largest helicopter manufacturer in the U.S dominating the market for air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating. UTC has an Aerospace system Unit, which Chenevert saw through producing high-end equipment like flight controls,actuators, landing gear, sensors, and brakes.

Louis Chenevert worked hard to ensure UTC manufacture the Geared Turbofan (GTF) engine. The GTF was made at the UTC’s Pratt$ Whitney unit for over two decades and an investment of $ 10 million. After UTC, Louis was appointed Exclusive Advisor at the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. He also played a role to increase or the aerospace industry market. Chenevert led UTC to a stable place with a foundation to dominate the market.

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