An Anti-Aging Hope from Elysium Health

The idea of immortality and a long-lived life are ancient concepts. Biblical figures were purported to live for hundreds of years, and mythical creatures have long been associated with long or even eternal life. While reality tends to stay a lot less magical, new advances bring us closer to our legends and dreams each day. A long-lived life and even a reversal of aging may be possible while we still draw breath.

Enter Elysium Health. The company was founded as a startup by Leonard Guarente, a pioneering MIT biologist, claiming to fight against aging. The results may just speak for themselves. Research on animals has suggested that animals live longer on an ultra-low calorie diet. While Elysium’s product, Basis, doesn’t starve the body or serve as a diet pill, it does mimic the effects that the diet produced in animals.

When the diet was introduced it was found that the animals had higher levels of “nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide”, or NAD. The human body generates less NAD as it ages, which Basis replenishes by introducing to the body nicotinamide riboside, a chemical that becomes NAD when ingested. High hopes for this treatment have attracted numerous Nobel Prize winners to advise the project, and confidence in the drug is high.
To top it off, the supplements are sold for affordable to the general public, with $60 for a 30-day pill supply or $50 a month for a continuous shipment.

The supplement is selling well so far. Since launching in February 2015, Basis pill packages has purchased in the tens of thousands according to the company, with a steady number become regular buyers. Elysium is planning to launch five more products focused on health, including developments combining the current Basis pill components with additional effects.

While conclusive research on aging pills is not currently possible due to the human lifespan, Elysium is confident in its product and has strong support. Thanks to Elysium, immortality, or at the least some form of long life, may be possible in our lifetime. It is a promise that leaves many hopeful, and others confident.

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