Is Location Really Everything? Marc Sparks Says Its Integral To Success

After remaining at its initial location for well over a decade, Timber Creek Capital, LP has had its offices moved to a far more collaborative setting which is more conducive to the incubation of startups. The move was initiated by Marc Sparks, who is a serial entrepreneur, and the owner of Timber Creek, the private equity firm which specializes in serving entrepreneurs in the development of new businesses into companies which generate sizable revenue.


The firm’s stated goal is to turn the dreams of any passionate entrepreneur into a feasible source of revenue via products and services. With its Dallas office in Texas, Timber Creek Capital supplies provisions for the capital needed to accomplish that, as well as office space, equipment, and expertise in accounting, legal, web development, graphic artistry, and customer service fields. In addition, they offer staff for banking, networking, marketing, and intellectual capital, with over 35 years of entrepreneurial expertise.



Collaboration For Success

With the specialized design and structure of Timber Creek Capital, LP, the firm is able to house up to three separate companies at their location and offer them a comprehensive incubation experience. They recognize that where you work can be incredibly important to productivity, and strive to provide an atmosphere that’s conducive to increasing work efficiency as well as creativity.


With experience in starting a very large number of successful companies, Sparks has found that location is incredibly important, offering a special “flow” that is all but required in order to provide meaningful collaborative efforts and maximize work output. Timber Creek Capital, under the 35 years of entrepreneurial experience that Marc Sparks has, is specialized to take on the biggest challenges plaguing modern startups. The firm takes on a few companies at any time, offering them mentorship and resources to help them get a running start to help them take on those challenges.



Who Is Marc Sparks?

A successful company relies on a successful CEO, and Timber Creek, LP is no different. Marc Sparks is the founder, as well as the owner and CEO of the firm. He is a philanthropist, a serial entrepreneur, and an established author. His passion is turning new ideas into profitable businesses. In his book; They Can’t Eat You, he underlines his long and hard road towards success as an entrepreneur, aiming to help bring others onto the same path towards greatness. His other works include his work for Habitat for Humanity, constructing affordable housing for families. In addition, he runs his own non-profit organization; Sparkey’s Kids, an organization which donates one thousand laptop computers to children who are at-risk, in partnership with American Can! Academy. Furthermore, he has been involved for multiple decades with The Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter based locally in Texas, and hosting one-hundred-and-sixty people in need every night. Learn more:


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