Traveling Vineyard: Amazing Destinations For Wine Guides

Napa Valley is a region known for its grapes and wines. It is a tourist attraction to Vintners, including Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides. This area provides a platform for individuals to taste various types of wines. Aside from wine tasting, there are varieties of activities that tourist can engage in Napa Valley including:

1. Strolling at the Napa Art Walk

The Napa Art Walk Exhibition offers an opportunity for people to view beautiful 3-D art work. The products showcased in this event are fine and are sold at affordable rates. The money raised during the Napa Art Walk Exhibition is used to fund wine tasting events.

2. The Historical Society

This place gives tourists an opportunity to learn Napa’s history so that they appreciate this city’s heritage. Napa’s Historical Society harbors fragments of Napa’s past and is a great place to spend time.

3. A visit to the Round Pond

Napa is a hub for the great Mediterranean olives. The Round Pond Estate is fertile for growing olives, which are the second famous cash crop in Napa. Wine guides have a chance to visit sites where this oil is processed to learn how to produce this product.

4. Indulge in cooking classes

Wine guides can participate in cooking classes offered by the Silverado Cooking School. This center allows tourists to practice and polish their culinary skills.

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About the Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a private company that sells different kinds of wines. This company is based in Ipswich, Massachusetts and has been operational since 2001. This company is led by Rick Libby who took over from the previous owners in 2010. The Traveling Vineyard has over 5,000 sales representatives that work across distinct time zones to market the company’s products. These Wine Guides are experienced individuals with expertise in the wine industry. Wine Guides enroll by paying a one-time fee and The Traveling Vineyard in return sends them Success Kit to get them started. This starter pack is comprised of sample accessories, educational materials, tasting glasses, and several bottles of wines. This company is a longtime member of the Direct Selling Association.

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