Brings In Healthcare Veteran Lindsay Burton a company that helps other companies with their reputation management has recently hired Lindsay Neese Burton to be their new Healthcare Marketing Director. Lindsay is a marketing healthcare veteran with over 10 years of experience. Her impressive resume includes titles such as:

– Senior Director of Consumer Marketing at Duke Health

– Marketing Manager at Wake Forest Baptist Health

– Manager of Market and Public Relations at the University of Virginia Health System

Because reputations can make or break a business having it professionally managed makes sense. A large number of customers make their primary healthcare provider decision based on customer reviews from many online sources. These include Yelp, Facebook, and Google search results from the various online healthcare review sites. With all these sources of information Reputation Defender Reviews’ services are invaluable to its customers. These include:

– Monitoring and even responding to patient feedback on many of the healthcare review sites

– Giving patients surveys they can fill out on the convenience of their own computer or tablet

– Providing idea to help improve the patient experience

Lindsay Burton’s new position will be a challenging one. Customer’s of any business come in several flavors. They can range from the very satisfied to the angry, hate-spewing, my-option-matters type. No matter the type she will be responsible for reporting all these kinds of reviews to the many healthcare provider that will depend on her skills and abilities. Her work will include noble acts like patching up relations with unsatisfied customers. Also figuring out why a customer is unsatisfied and what best to do about it. We all hope the advice Lindsay gives out to the industry helps improve things for everyone.

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