Copa Star Is One Of The Only Modernized Hospitals In Rio

After three years of construction, the Copa Star hospital is finally open in Rio de Janeiro. This luxury hospital is located in Copacabana in the bustling street of Figueiredo Magalhães. It is also conveniently within view of the world famous beach. In total, the structure was over 21,000 square meters of construction within 7 floors. If a random person on the street saw this hospital, they would probably think that it was a five star hotel. The entire hospital was designed for upper class Brazilians recover from their illnesses in peace and luxury.

One of the most unique things about this new hospital is that it is completely connected by an internal network. Doctors, nurses, patients and visitors my use their smartphones to connect to the central grid. Patients may use their smartphone to communicate with their doctors and nurses. There are also iPads provided to patients that do not have a device to use. They may also adjust the air conditioning, bed settings, television and more using the central control.

Prior to the construction of the hospital, patients would travel to Sao Paulo in order to received more modernized care. This was a massive project that required over 400 million Reales, which is around $128 million, was invested into the hospital. More Copa Star hospitals are in the works for other major cities in Brazil. Brasilia and Sao Paulo already have projects that have been started.

The interior of the hospital is decorated with high class modern art. 231 of the paintings withing the hospital are by the Japanese painter Yutaka. These oriental paintings are placed throughout all the corridors of Copa Star. The hospital is also painted using woody and citric tones, to give it a natural feel to it. The lighting is very limited so that it is not so straining like the harsh lighting of typical hospitals. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The accommodations of the hospital were designed to be just like five star hotels. The staff were also trained to act just as if they were servants in such a quality hotel. The patients will also be served world-class cuisine by the Swiss chef Steve Moreillon. The staff are made to be very understanding that complete comfort will aid the patient in their speedy recovery. There will be over 550 employees within the complex and this number includes the doctors.

The training of the support staff is very thorough and complex for a hospital. They ran two month intensive training boot camps to prepare the staff for emergencies. They had stretchers and dolls in order to act out many scenarios of emergency situations. They also are given strict guidelines on what types of clothes to wear, hairstyles to use and types of makeup that are permitted.

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