The Professional Achievements of Thought Leader and Management Specialist Lori Senecal

The Global CEO of Crispin Porter and Borgusky, Lori Senecal, has been leading and organizing talent to deliver advertising services in all nine international offices of CP+B. Owing to the executive qualities of Lori Senecal, the CP+B has been recognized by the Advertising Age as “Creative Innovators of the Year” in 2016. At CP+B, she is responsible for overseeing the global expansion and reach of CP+B. Senecal is known for instilling values of innovation in her work and embracing technology as a management specialist. Amongst many other skills, she has also developed skills for increasing global growth, planning strategic partnerships, forming new divisions in business, and organizing many blue-chip accounts.

Before being appointed as global CEO, Senecal had already proved her leadership and marketing skills at KBS, where she served as the Global Chairman and CEO. Moreover, she revolutionized the system of KBS from a domestic agency with only 250 employees to an international firm with global reach and more than 900 employees. Lori Senecal has worked with renowned advertising agency McCann-Erickson. She was appointed as the president of its New York establishment and managed the areas of account leadership, innovation, and strategic planning.

Soon after Lori Senecal began significantly contributing to the advertising and marketing field, many international forums started recognizing her for her leadership qualities. She has been awarded with the Quantum Leap Award for leadership and innovation at the AWNY Game Changer Awards event. Moreover, in 2014 Senecal was named as the Woman to Watch by Advertising Age. In the same year, Lori Senecal was appointed as the board member at MDC Partners. She has also been internationally acclaimed by Adweek’s Power List amongst many other leaders and executives in media, tech, and marketing.

One of the most accomplished management specialists, Lori Senecal is also a skilled public speaker. She was among the top speakers at the 3% Conference, which was a movement that attempted to increase the visibility of women as creative directors and carry out other leadership roles. The 3% Conference is held annually, and in this two-day conference, leaders from around the world are gathered under one roof. Other than the conference, many other events take place, like the Certification Program, the one-day Mini-Cons in different cities globally, and several other agency consulting programs. This movement has helped raise the concentration of women to up to 11% and has also provided guidance for promoting women’s creative talent and leadership to serve agencies across the globe. For more info, check out Lori’s Forbes profile.


Kim Dao Talks About Japan’s Lucky Bags

In a YouTube video Kim Dao talks about lucky bags, which are available only around New Years. When you buy ones of these bags you don’t actually know what exactly is inside as it is supposed to be a surprise.

This year Kim Dao got two lucky bags in order to show us what will be inside them. She says that each bag is 10,800 yen or roughly $100 and contains about $300 worth of items. The first bag she opens, by Cecil Mcbee, does contain one item that Kim Dao picked out, which is a dark blue coat. The other clothing in this lucky bag is a white summer dress, that came with a necklace, a large gray sweater, and a trench coat. The bag also contained a black top, a matching top and shorts, and a white sweater.

The other lucky bag that Kim Dao opens is from Wego. She says that there are 18 items in this bag and she knows what 10 of them are. This bag contains a backpack, a hoodie, a bag, a lettermen’s jacket, a skirt, and a jumpsuit. Other items included in the lucky bag that Kim Dao shows us are items like a skirt, gloves, another sweater, a scarf, and a “New York College” t-shirt.

One thing that Kim Dao says about these bags is that everything comes in one size, so if something doesn’t fit you’ll need to give it away.

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